Forget about those shady Tattoo Parlors

Custom Tattoos, Tattoo Removal, Permanent cosmetics, body piecing and custom body jewelry done right

If any part of you is nervous about getting a tattoo or body piercing in Pensacola, FL, don't opt for a questionable tattoo parlor in the middle of nowhere. Gift yourself with a beautiful ink job or piercing and peace of mind when you visit Evol. Our studios not only meet but exceed health code regulations. You'll appreciate our disposable tools and commitment to sterilization.

Visit our Custom Tattoo Artists or Body Piercing experts for:

  • Custom Tattoos
  • Tattoo Touchup
  • Ear Piercing
  • Body Piercing
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Permanent Cosmetics
  • Tattoo & Body Piercing Aftercare questions

Your Message, Your Body and Your Brand

Make your mark with a custom tattoo in Pensacola, FL

You'll enjoy the benefits of professional artistry and hands-on experience when you visit us at Evol Ink. Individuality is our specialty and "custom tattoo" is basically our middle name. Even if you want a popular design, your body's canvas is unique. We'll match you with the perfect Evol designer to ensure your tattoo sets you apart. Each of our Pensacola, Florida tattoo artists have a distinct style. Call us to learn more or book an appointment.

Learn the "Rejuvi" basics

Rejuvi tattoo removal is Evol Ink Studio's safe and effective removal method. When you regret your tattoo decisions or decide to alter your permanent makeup look, contact our Pensacola, FL tattoo removal team. Rejuvi will:

• Take 2-6 treatments
• Treat all tattoo colors
• Prevent major scarring
• Cost less than laser
• Leave your skin looking normal

Contact us for more information about why we prefer Rejuvi to laser tattoo removal techniques. Call (850)-466-3338 for a Pensacola appointment.

We offer a large, open space with an tattoo art gallery featuring local artists and some merchandise from Sullen, Black Market Art Company, and Lowbrow Art Company. The tattoo work spaces are completely open to one another, with black hospital curtains offered as a privacy measure, making for a more fun and inviting environment.

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