Evol Ink Studio isn't your average tattoo shop. We don't want the upscale feel to deter you, though. There are no rockstar attitudes here. We try to focus on quality custom tattoos, providing our clients with a sense of individuality in a very popular market. Each artist has their own style, and we are more than happy to point you in the direction of the artist we feel would do best with your tattoo design. Our tattoo artists and body piercers have the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that your body art experience will be the best one possible; and you'll find them to be altogether accommodating.

When stepping foot into our tattoo studio you'll immediately recognize our adherence to the cleanliness guidelines set forth by the State Public Health Board. We aim to exceed those strict health code regulations and guidelines, and to do that we use a lot of disposable tools, e.g. single-use items. When something isn't disposable, we have on site sterilization, using a steam autoclave. Your safety is our top priority.

All of our body piercings are performed with implant-grade internally-threaded titanium jewelry, as opposed to non-implant grade "surgical steel". Our body piercer is constantly reading and communicating with experts in the field of body piercings to ensure he stays up-to-date in procedure techniques, sterile techniques, and improvements in body jewelry. We want to ensure that every piercing has the best chance of healing with the least amount of problems.

With a talented staff that brings renowned experience to the table, a pleasant and friendly atmosphere is created which allows for great sessions between our artists and clients. We're looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,
Evol Ink Tattoo, Body Piercing & Art Studio