Meet Brian: The Man With A Vision

Trust our owner with your skin

When Brian Pallante opened Evol Ink Studio five years ago, he had a vision. He wanted to give you a new kind of tattoo experience. Upscale tattoos may seem like a paradox, but our business is booming because we know what you want: individual designs, talented artists and sterilized equipment. That’s a triple threat we can deliver.

If you’re interested in a design from Brian, call us at (850)-466-3338.

3 traits of a killer tattoo artist

• Flexibility – every design, mind and body is different
• Skill – not everyone can ink a poem in your mom’s handwriting
• Knowledge – staying clean and developing talent takes time

Evol (which is “love” spelled backwards) is dedicated to constant movement. We challenge our artists to hone their craft, pursue excellence and maintain clean tattooing protocols. Contact Brian for a design consultation or call us for more information about Evol tattoos in Pensacola, FL.

Brian's Work