When Buyer's Remorse Takes on a Whole Different Meaning...

Erase the evidence at our Pensacola, FL studio

Are you regretting that bright idea you had a few years ago? If you're unhappy with your tattoo(s), there is an effective removal solution. Before you learn about our process, we have to share a few disappointing facts with you about laser removal.

You've likely heard the buzz about laser tattoo removal, but its crazy expensive and has unfortunate side effects such as:

•Incomplete color removal
•Unsightly scarring
•Skin depigmentation
•Allergic skin reactions
•Immune system damage

One recent European Commission study found that laser tattoo removal may generate carcinogenic substances - yikes.

Tattoos and permanent makeup applications use insoluble pigments. These pigments bury themselves beneath your skin and are essentially impossible to remove with standard detergents or solvents.

So what's a discouraged tattooed customer supposed to do? Contact Evol Ink Studio for our safe and successful tattoo removal treatment in Pensacola, FL.

Introducing Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal

Tattoo Vanish removal is a simpler and more effective way of removing tattoos. Through a unique chemical extraction process, we can reduce tattoo pigments. Call (850)-466-3338 for Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal in Pensacola, Florida.

The Tattoo Vanish treatment will:

•Take 2-6 treatments
•Treat all tattoo colors
•Prevent major scarring
•Cost less than laser
•Leave skin looking normal
•After healing, skin may be tattooed again.